Diamond Bruting Wheel , Diamond polishing tools
Diamond Bruting WheelDiamond Bruting Wheel , Diamond polishing tools

Diamond Bruting Wheels

  • Specification:-
  • We have Worldclass Diamond Bruting wheels for Diamond Manufacturing Industry .
  • Our Diamond Bruting Wheels are According to Diamond Size and Tension (Risk).
  • We have Different Grain Size Made Bruting Wheels from Soft to Hard Processed .
  • BW01 – This Wheels are for Final Bruting As well as For Smoothing Purpose .
  • BW02 ­– This Wheels are for Rough Bruting (High Tension) as well for Higher Risk  Stones .
  • BW03 – This Wheels are for Medium Size and For Low Risk Stones .
  • BW04 – This Wheels are for High Production as well as Low Tension and for Stones which Has Low Risk .
  • We Manufacture our Wheels as according to the Size and Risk (Tension )after Doing Research in Our Diamond Manufacturing Company .
  • Our Sizes Available Are As Given Below :- (Also we are Customize to Make According to Customer Needs )

Our Sizes :-

Wheel  Quality
Size BW01 BW02 BW03 BW04
170 X 32 X 3
170 X 32 X 4
170 X 32 X 5
170 X 32 X 6
170 X 32 X 8
170 X 32 X 10

All Sizes According to Customer Need Can be Manufactured  .

Product Description

We are Leading Exporter of Diamond  Bruting wheels . We Manufacture Large Range of Bruting wheels. Our Diamond Bruting Wheels are of Different Quality for Different Process in Diamond Polishing . We Have Fine , Rough , Medium & Hard Quality in Diamond Bruting wheels . Our Clients all over World are Satisfied with our Quality of Bruting Wheels .

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