Diamond Polishing Motor With Shawld

Specification :-
  • Diamond Polishing Motor With Shawld is Specially Manufactured for Diamond Polishing Mill/Bench .
  • We have Manufactured the Motor which is Vertically Adjustable .
  • The Motor works on 3Phase Power Supply with 440V, 1 HP , 0.74KW and Runs on 2880 RPM .
  • It has Super Precision Bearing in it for Smooth Running .
  • Diamond Polishing Motor is having Accurate balancing .
  • The Motor is Totally Vibration Free .


  • We have three Different Motors with Different Accessories .
  • -Diamond Polishing Motor – Ref No :- PM101
  • -Diamond Polishing Motor with Table Holder – Ref No :- PM102
  • -Diamond Polishing Motor with Shaulde  – Ref No :- PM103

Accessories :-

  •  Dust Collector (Optional on Demand)

Product Description

We Manufacture Different Range and Types of Diamond Polishing Motor . We have range of Diamond Polishing Motor with its Different Accessories attached as per Customers Requirement . Diamond Polishing Motor is the Main Part of the Diamond Polishing  Mill or Bench . Our Diamond Polishing Motor With Shawld is Attached and can be used with any of the Diamond Polishing Mill / bench Designs all over world and of Any Standards . Diamond Polishing Motor With Shawld is our Special Edition for the Customer who dont want to buy full Diamond Polishing Mill .

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