Top Quickstep Multilevel Tang (Top Gear System Dop)
Top Quickstep Singlelevel Tang (Top Gear System Dop)D107-Top-Dop-GS

Top Quickstep Singlelevel Tang – Top Gear System Dop

Specification :

  • The D107 Top Quickstep  Singlelevel Tang (Top Tang Gear System) is Designed For Full Finish Cut for the Top . This Tang (Dop) is Specially Designed For Excellent “triple X” Cut .
  • The Tang (Dop) has very Precise Two Water Level one Fixed Water Level and One Adjustable Water Level To Balance the Tank Accurately.
  • Click Ring in the Tang (Dop) has 32X with High Accuracy with Colour Coding .
  • The Pots Fixed in it is of 8MM Standard .
  • The Collete of 6MM can be applied on if Required .

Accessories :

  • Clicks Available :- 16X , 24X , 32X .
  • Tangs Available :- Medium Weight , Heavy height
  • Top Claws .
  • Top Pots .